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Enterprise Culture

Kaijoe is committed to bringing wealth for the society, winning profit for the company and creating a wonderful life for the customers.

Tenet: Develop state-of-the-art technology, advocate industry standards, pursue superior quality and build brand in good faith

Declaration: Seek constant improvement, bring charm to the hair and beauty to everybody

Business philosophy: Operation in good faith, technological innovation, quality foremost, self-improvement and innovation 

Core values:
Customer satisfaction-We commit ourselves to the satisfaction and success of each customer by providing outstanding services.

Excellence & innovation - We continuously pursue more technological innovations based on our excellent quality

Good faith & dedication - We follow principles of operation in good faith, work conscientiously and embrace the responsibility.

Win-win cooperation - We promote mutual understanding between customers and us to achieve common development and win-win outcome.

Mission: We focus on hairdressing, meet social needs, grow together with our customers and thrive for our employees 


Guangdong province Zhaoqing Dawang Sihui City high tech Development Zone Yingbin Avenue Wende four street 1-A Capgemini Technology Co. Ltd.
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